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"Be Connected" lyrics

Reverend Jackie McCullough

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"Be Connected"

Stay connected to the tree of life
Stay connected to the way that is right
Stay connected to the creative power
Stay connected to God

Stay connected to the God that is wise
Stay connected to the pearl of great price
Stay connected to the light of the world
Stay connected to God

Don't separate your heart
Don't hold back your love
Don't let go His hand
He'll lead you to the promised land

Strive for good in all you do
Strive to gain more than a few
Strive to please the Lord up above
Stay connected to God

Hold fast to your dreams
Hold high your esteem
Hold on through your tears
Hold on through your fears
Keep your mind stayed on Him
Keep hope in your hope
Keep your pathway clear
Keep striving til your journey's end
Stay connected to God

Lyrics Be Connected Reverend Jackie McCullough
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