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"Last Day Of School" lyrics

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"Last Day Of School"

See uh.. I'ma live. I'ma live until I die. We want ya'll to live. We want ya'll live like they ain't no tommorw. CMON!

We live life, like it's the last day of school. yeaaaaaaaaaaa
We live life. Like it's the last day of school.
So do what you wanna do. CMON!

We came to change it up (change it up). We here to make the cut (make the cut). We here to bring the parties back so everybody GET UP! The game is still un-read (un-read). The game is close to dead (to dead). And nobody being they self cause who'd you say and wha'd he say? What happened to doin we do (DO) what happened to rollin wit crews (crew). You talkin about things you ain't did, and things you never do! We here to live it up (live it up!). You bout' to give it up (give it up!). They say you only live once, but living like us, once is enough!



Lets work (lets work.) Before I play for the wonderful day, that's here to stay, but it's my last day of school.

Bendin rules, we crossin buildings, hate to, just like a fool, nah. We'll crash a party up too, it's up to you. But as for me i'll be runnin the streets, and never skippin a beat, so, yo whos coming with me, get on your feet. And i'ma gather the crew, right hittin the town we will do, by callin you, cause it's the last day of school!


We want you to turn this up, so you can feel it mane (mane). We want you to turn this up, cause its the jam, mane (mane). We want you to live today like it's your last day of school (WHAT!). No more rules nobody tellin you what to do. Do do what you want to do, when your ready to make your moves, cause according to this a song you do what you want, just say what'ya want! Say what'ya want! Say what'ya want! C'mon, get out, let's go!


Hey (Hey!) What you doin in here (What you doin in here?) You better get off your ass (ow!), and get the hell outta class! (and get the, follow me, Cmon!) It's three o'clock on da dot, we on our way, headin out. No more abidin by rules, it's time to do what we choose. I here i'm da riches so folla, it ain't about all dem dollars. I'm going to teach you, it's for the numba one. (Make sure your care-free) And if he was lookin for a two, (relax, relate, release) see, I like to party hardy get drunk with somebody while I'll, Feel all the girls bootie, hopin she'll do me, ew we. Let all your hair down, take all your shirts off. Bring it back round'! Enjoying your time off. Cause....cause what? AHH


Lyrics Last Day Of School Wylde Bunch
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